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Flashing your most beautiful smile will only be possible if your teeth are as white as they should be. Otherwise, you should step into our teeth whitening dental clinic and allow our highly experienced dental expert to brighten your choppers. The process involves removing stains that cause discoloration. For this purpose, our dentist in taguig uses Philip's Zoom Whitening. It is a world-renowned brand that is preferred by more practitioners and patients. Thanks to its LED light-activated technology with changeable settings. In using it, our dentist bgc can lighten your teeth by up to 8 shades. Moreover, you can get this result in just one treatment, which usually takes around 60-90 minutes.

To help familiarize you better with the process of teeth whitening, go over the facts below.

How does teeth whitening work?

You have two choices when it comes to brightening your choppers: use an over-the-counter product or rely on the services of an expert at a teeth whitening dental clinic. Between these two options, the second is considerably more effective and safer, too. When you sign up for the services of a dentist in taguig, he/she can brighten your teeth by 3 up to 8 shades. What is more, you can expect to see results much faster. Usually, it takes just a few 30-60 minute visits. It depends on the technique the dentist uses, though. Some can give you results in as fast as a singular 2-hour visit.

How will you benefit from having your teeth whitened?

Without question, the top benefit is having a brighter, more attractive smile. This automatically boosts your confidence. So you will no longer have trouble approaching people or speaking (and smiling) in front of a crowd. However, looking and feeling good are not the only advantages of having brighter choppers. Science has proven that it can also help make you healthier. Accordingly, the process of whitening your teeth also works to get rid of bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum problems.

Why is it better to rely on the services of a professional dentist bgc than to use at-home treatments?

Given his or her experience, the dentist can customize the treatment based on your needs. The process will actually depend on the stains or amount of discoloration on your teeth. So a process or treatment method that works for one patient may not exactly be the best for you. Because he/she is an expert, you can expect that the dentist will do it more thoroughly and safely without any risk of damaging your gum tissue—and this is what usually happens with inexperienced users trying their hand at using at-home kits.

To learn more about teeth whitening procedures and other dental services like affordable dental implants and self ligating braces, contact our dental clinic in taguig today.

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